Use Your Words: An Introduction to Basic Creative Writing Skills
Have you ever woken up after having a really good dream and thought that it would make a fantastic story? Or maybe you have met someone really interesting who would be a good character in a book or movie. Thinking creatively can help you to write creatively, and these basic creative writing techniques can be used for many purposes. All you need is a little bit of imagination, some handy inexpensive resources, and some distraction-free writing time. This introduction to basic creative writing skills offers suggestions to overcome barriers to creativity, and can help you to create your writing space, experiment with poetry, and use visual cues for story ideas.
Butterfly Wings
Butterfly Wings is a selection of 25 poems in a number of different styles that are sure to entertain. From the humorous "Comfy Knickers" to the more contemplative "What Has Gone Before" there is something to suit those who enjoy the beauty and diversity of poetry.